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26 Sep 2021, General

SFC Energy Team Profile: George Rouault

The success and longevity of George Rouault’s career are what industry legends are made of. George has 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, 30 of which have been at SFC Energy. He’s always been surefooted, despite the ups and downs of an ever-changing industry. His secret? Stay relevant.

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17 Aug 2021, General

SFC Energy Team Profile: Kathleen Judnic

When dark clouds roll in a thousand miles away, Kathleen Judnic is ready. As SFC’s Operations Manager, she’s learned to expect the unexpected; whether it’s happening in her Calgary office or across the border in the United States. Fortunately, with her adaptable nature and the support of her team, Kathleen’s prepared to weather any storm.

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22 Jul 2021, SCADA & Telemetry, SFC Academy

SFC Q&A with SCADA experts Mark Phillips and Paul Cook

If you’ve attended any of our SFC Academy courses, your session just might have been led by Mark Phillips or Paul Cook. Each instructor has a distinct teaching style, but Mark and Paul share a passion for their subject matter. They’re instrumentation experts in SCADA and telemetry with a robust knowledge of Schneider Electric’s products.

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SFC Academy

07 Jul 2021, General, SFC Academy

SFC Energy Team Profile: Mark Phillips

We’ve all had the misfortune of sitting in a room listening to a speaker drone on about a topic they’re clearly disinterested in. But some of us know the magic of witnessing a subject matter expert who’s passionate about their subject — and even more passionate about sharing it with others. The latter description is what it’s like to hear Mark Phillips speak. Mark has merged his practical experience as a tradesperson with his background as a technical instructor, bringing all of that knowledge to SFC Academy sessions and his role as SFC Energy Application Specialist.

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SFC Academy

17 Jun 2021, Off Grid Energy

Case study: Mobile security and surveillance trailers

Derek Boggs, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation, LiveView Technologies

“We are thrilled to partner with EFOY so we can provide rapidly deployed surveillance that is truly capable of operating anywhere on earth—no power, no internet, no problem. EFOY removes our sole dependency on solar power, so in areas where solar is not a viable option, we can still provide cutting edge security. This advancement in hardware paired with our unmatched cloud-based remote monitoring platform solidifies our position as the market leader in enterprise surveillance.”

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Off Grid Energy

05 Apr 2021, General

SFC Energy Team Profile: Martin Curtis

“Our strength is our team. I know everyone says that, but in our case, it really is.”

Family is of the utmost importance to Martin Curtis, who has been married for close to forty years and has three grown children and five grandchildren. This focus on family is a value that Martin developed growing up as one of nine children in a Catholic family living in a small house in Peterborough, Ontario.

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SCADA & Telemetry

11 Mar 2021, Off Grid Energy

Case Study: Off-Grid SCADA Solution

Rob Dykman, General Manager – Coast Mountain Wireless, BC, Canada

“Communications can be quite a challenge on British Columbia‘s North Coast. In this mountainous region, the elements can take their toll on communications systems. With decades of service in this region, we‘re familiar with these unique challenges and using EFOY Pro Fuel Cells in a hybrid combination with solar, was the best eco-friendly solution to ensure year round up-time. We chose the solution because of its ability to work autonomously and reliably year round in harsh winter conditions with minimal refueling requirements.”

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