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29 Nov 2023, Case Studies

Case study: EFOY ProShelter

“EFOY energy solutions provide a viable alternative to eliminate diesel dependency for remote installations where full dependence on renewable is difficult to achieve.”

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09 May 2023, Case Studies

Case study: Back-up power supply for telecommunication systems

“Thanks to the modular fuel cell system, the customer is able to secure a wide variety of different systems using the same technology. The use of the Wolftank Smart Cartridge enables an intelligent, flexible and maintenance-free fuel cell hydrogen supply solution. Integrated storage management offers the advantage of automation-protected optimization of the supply chain when using multiple systems in the field and ensures that sufficient hydrogen is available at all sites. Reliability, a fail-safe system and low maintenance costs are crucial to our customers.” – Gernot Mariacher, Wolftank

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Press Releases

25 Apr 2023, Case Studies

Case study: Power supply for a climate-neutral business park

“Our system focuses on the possibility of saving and using solar energy 24 hours a day. The fully integrated energy concept with waste heat utilization and reverse power generation of the excess hydrogen will supply the entire SAN Group site in the future. The EFOY H₂Cabinet is the ideal secondary power supply for our fully autonomous energy concept and provides fully automatic access to our saved hydrogen in the event of a power outage.”

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Case Studies

04 Apr 2023, Case Studies

Case study: EFOY Hybrid Energy Solution

“EFOY solutions are gateway to a sustainable future providing cost savings and reduces emissions. Autonomy and maintenance play a vital role in our remote power applications.”

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Case Studies

21 Feb 2023, Blog, General, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Colin Hicks

There’s lots to be proud of as a Canadian. The breathtaking natural landscapes, culturally-rich cities and strong communities make the country a destination for millions from abroad every year. For Colin Hicks, Business Development Representative with SFC Energy, the pride he has in his home country also includes its global leadership in the effort toward clean resource development.

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Team Profiles

27 Jan 2023, Blog, General

A Hydrogen Economy Primer

These days, news feeds seem to be filled with headlines about ‘the hydrogen economy.’ We have a little background in that area, so we thought we’d weigh in with a rundown on what it’s all about.

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