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On their own, electric motors run at two speeds: no power or all the power they’re rated for. It’s not efficient. That’s where Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) come in. VFDs make motors function effectively by helping to deliver only the amount of energy the motor needs to do the work. In doing so, VFD’s extend the life of the motor, improve power efficiency and create a dramatic energy savings.

SFC Energy draws on nearly 30 years of experience providing VFDs and integrated drive solutions to industry. We understand the products and applications, the industries that use them and the solutions that work best. SFC Energy is proud to partner with ABB, a worldwide leader in power and automation technologies. We are ABB’s only Authorized Distributor for Industrial and Water/Wastewater Low Voltage Drives in the Prairies and Northwest Territories.

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Water & Wastewater Drives

ABB All-Compatible Drives

Water & Wastewater Drives – ACQ580 Catalog

Machinery Drives – ACS180

Machinery Drives – ACS380

Industrial General Purpose Variable Frequency Drives – ACS580

Advanced Industrial Drives – ACS880

Progressive Cavity Pump VFD Panel

Integrated Drive Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our submersible pumps are critical to our operation. We’d like to save energy and maximize motor life, but we’ve heard this is hard to get right. How can SFC Energy help?

The right VFDs can drastically reduce energy output and add important features to submersible pump operation, but the install definitely has its share of pitfalls. If you’re installing a submersible pump drive, it’s wise to seek expert advice before installation. Issues like cable length, voltage spikes, motor insulation and other technical specs can trip you up. SFC Energy’s Drive and Motor Control product specialists are well versed in the integration of submersible pump VFDs. They provide guidance on the products and the installation, so you get the best results from your new submersible pump drive.

Can we integrate our drives with our current automation and control system?

All our ABB drives are connected to automation systems using embedded protocols and fieldbus adapters. All major fieldbus protocols are supported, allowing flexibility and compatibility with the automation system. Different software tools and remote monitoring solutions offer support throughout the drive’s life cycle.

Equipment in our mine is exposed to extreme conditions – dust, precipitation, high temperatures, etc. Can SFC Energy’s VFD systems stand up to this harsh environment?

SFC Energy’s drive systems are available in a range of NEMA-rated enclosures suitable to harsh environments. We offer water-cooled VFDs and customized cooling systems and we specialize in demanding load considerations, IEEE-519 harmonic guidelines and regenerative braking.

Our operation typically requires a quick turn-around on parts and service for drives. Can SFC Energy accommodate this?

SFC Energy carries an extensive inventory of drives and spare parts as well as components for our integration solutions in order to help meet our customer delivery needs.

Where can I get information on pricing for SFC Energy drive and motor systems?

Contact a Drive and Motor Control product specialist at SFC Energy for pricing information on a system that suits your requirements.

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Drives & Motor Controls Products

ABB Low Voltage VFDs

Extend motor life and save energy with low voltage AC drives from 0.18 – 5600 kW, 208 through 690VAC


ABB Medium Voltage VFDs

Optimize motor performance with medium voltage applications from 250 kW to over 100 MW, 2.3 – 13.8kV AC


ABB Soft Starters

Protect motor applications of 3 A – 2160 A, 208 through 690VAC from electrical and mechanical stresses


ABB DC Drives

Programmable DC drives for any industrial application, from 9 kW (12 hp) up to 18 MW (24,000 hp)


ABB Drive Connectivity

Drive connectivity products from fieldbus adapters to safety functions modules, human-machine interfaces and peripheral options


Harmonic Solutions

Manage tough power quality problems caused by harmonics, load imbalance and reactive power demand


Motor Protection

Maximize motor life by providing protection from heat, reflected wave and common mode currents.


Drives and Motor Control
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