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21 Feb 2023, Blog, General, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Colin Hicks

There’s lots to be proud of as a Canadian. The breathtaking natural landscapes, culturally-rich cities and strong communities make the country a destination for millions from abroad every year. For Colin Hicks, Business Development Representative with SFC Energy, the pride he has in his home country also includes its global leadership in the effort toward clean resource development.

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Team Profiles

27 Jan 2023, Blog, General

A Hydrogen Economy Primer

These days, news feeds seem to be filled with headlines about ‘the hydrogen economy.’ We have a little background in that area, so we thought we’d weigh in with a rundown on what it’s all about.

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Press Releases

24 Oct 2022, Blog, General, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Paul Cook

You may recognize him as the host of SFC Energy Academy’s technical webinars, or maybe the “Schneider Electric guy.” But we know him as Paul Cook, Technical Sales Specialist, automation expert, and an all-around fantastic team member.

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Team Profiles

06 Sep 2022, Blog, General, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Bruce Lavoie

The word “sales” can get a bad rap. Sometimes it’s even associated with pushy, manipulative, profit-centric tactics that leave customers high and dry. But Bruce Lavoie, Technical Sales Specialist with SFC Energy, has built an impressive career taking the opposite approach. In fact, he sees a customer’s success as inextricably linked to his own.

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