Take control of the process.

Expertise meets exceptional products.

We take best-in-class automation, power, measurement and energy systems and we implement them with expertise and care — so what you get is a solution that puts productivity in your control.

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SFC Energy Canada

Well-chosen products,
Well-planned solutions

We take world-renowned products from leading manufacturers and learn them, inside and out. We study how and where they work best. We learn how to integrate, optimize and service them. That way, we know our clients get the right products, ready to work, every time.

Off Grid Energy

The EFOY Pro fuel cell continuously monitors the state of charge of your battery and recharges it automatically – so your application is always reliably supplied with power. In every weather, every season, everywhere.

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SCADA & Telemetry

Go beyond remote monitoring and control. Optimize your process and improve data collection, security and regulatory performance with integrated SCADA solutions from SFC Energy.

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Measurement & Instrumentation

Reliable, accurate, field-proven products and solutions that provide performance, profitability and application safety, even in the harshest environments.

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Drives & Motor Control

Conserve energy and extend motor life with intelligent drive solutions from SFC Energy. Our variable frequency drive (VFD) systems are custom designed and assembled at SFC Energy’s CSA/UL approved integration facility.

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Maintenance & Repair

SFC Energy’s knowledgeable team of service technicians know our products like the back of their hands. And with a 24/7 phone service line, you can count on expert tech support exactly when you need it.

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Product Solutions & Integration Facility

From procurement through design, integration, commissioning and life cycle support, SFC Energy’s service and support options ensure our products are industry-ready solutions

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Since 1971

SFC Energy is a service-oriented, value-added sales company specializing in custom integrated and manufactured solutions. Our company has been headquartered in Calgary, Canada since 1971, and has earned a reputation of providing a wide range of industries with quality solutions.

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