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Completely self-sufficient
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Reliable, off-grid power is a challenge in any application. EFOY Pro Hybrid systems provide fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance free, off-grid power solutions capable of handling the harshest environments.

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EFOY ProCabinet

The EFOY ProCabinet is a dependable, self-contained energy solution that delivers 100 % reliable power for remote industrial applications.

The purpose-built EFOY ProCabinet integrates an EFOY Pro fuel cell in an insulated NEMA 3R -40 °C rated enclosure and comes equipped with fuel cartridges, battery bank, solar charge controller and power distribution.

The EFOY ProCabinet is designed with room for integrating customer equipment, making it ideal for SCADA/PLC, instrumentation, communication, surveillance and other industrial applications. EFOY ProCabinet hybrid systems are designed to meet the challenge of long term autonomous deployments, providing 12 – 18 months of fuel autonomy.

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EFOY ProEnergyBox

The EFOY ProEnergyBox is a rugged, self-contained energy solution that delivers 100 % reliable power for portable applications in remote locations. The drop deployable EFOY ProEnergyBox integrates an EFOY Fuel Cell, battery bank, fuel cartridges and solar charge controller in an insulated IP43D -40°C rated Pelican Case that’s designed to operate reliably in extreme weather conditions. Effective thermostatically-controlled temperature regulation prevents freezing or overheating and makes the EFOY ProEnergyBox ideal for mobile remote industrial applications.

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EFOY ProTrailer

The EFOY ProTrailer is a rugged, self-contained off-grid power platform that delivers 100% reliable power for applications where the landscape is constantly shifting.

The EFOY ProTrailer includes a 38ft collapsible vertical mast, fixed solar mounting and room for integrating customer equipment, making them an optimal solution for site surveillance, communication, data logging and other industrial applications.

EFOY ProTrailer hybrid systems are designed to provide 12 – 18 months of fuel autonomy, making them ideal for long term remote deployments.

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Custom EFOY Pro Hybrid Solutions

Every project has specific requirements. We can modify our standard packages or develop a fully customized solution to ensure our EFOY Pro Hybrid energy systems to meet the demands of your project.

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EFOY Hybrid Solutions
What you need to know

  • EFOY Fuel Cells are smart energy producers that automatically and autonomously recharge battery banks when required.

  • They’re based on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology, which converts methanol into DC electricity through an eco-friendly, single stage catalytic conversion process.

  • When a solar array fails to deliver enough power to maintain batteries, the EFOY senses the voltage drop and automatically switches on to replace the solar shortfall. This keeps the battery bank charged, so equipment always has 100% reliable power.

  • Once the battery bank is recharged, the EFOY returns to standby mode with no maintenance or user intervention required.

  • EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions are sized to provide 12 – 18 months of autonomy while streamlining battery bank and solar array requirements by up to 75%.

  • EFOY Pro Fuel Cells have Modbus RTU communications built into the firmware. This allows operators to remotely monitor and control the system, including alarming for refueling.

  • EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions deliver 30 – 50% total cost of ownership savings over alternative off-grid power technologies.

  • EFOY Pro Fuel Cells are 10 times more efficient, produce up to 99% fewer emissions and only consume 1 – 2% of the volume of fuel vs. fuel gas genset technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an EFOY Pro Hybrid Solution?

All EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions package an EFOY Pro Fuel Cell with fuel cartridges, battery bank, solar charge controller, power distribution and room for integrating customer equipment for a complete drop deployable solution.

Can I power equipment directly with an EFOY Fuel Cell?

No, EFOYPro fuel cells are smart automatic battery chargers designed to maintain battery banks above the switch-on voltage threshold and optimize battery lifespan. Equipment loads are always supplied by the battery bank, which is supported by the EFOY in conjunction with solar, ensuring 100 % power reliability regardless of weather conditions.

Can I remotely monitor and control an EFOY Pro Hybrid solution?

Yes, remote monitoring and control are possible via the serial RS-232 data interface or through a direct modem connection using Modbus-RTU or SIO / plain-text. Both are integrated into the EFOY firmware. The Modbus registers allow you to actively monitor battery voltage, runtime hours, fuel levels, etc.. They also set up low fuel alarms, so you can proactively plan your site maintenance.

What is the temperature range of an EFOY Pro Hybrid Solution?

EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions are designed and tested to operate in ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +50 °C. The EFOY is a self-heating device and will keep itself warm so long as it has access to fuel and a properly functioning battery bank. If you require off-grid power for deployment in more extreme temperature conditions, contact us, and we can customize packages to accommodate.

Can multiple fuel cartridges be connected to an EFOY Pro Fuel Cell?

Yes, up to four fuel cartridges per EFOY Pro fuel cell. The EFOY Pro Duo fuel cell solutions come with two fuel hoses, allowing for two fuel cartridges to be connected at once. The fuel capacity can be doubled by adding a DuoCartSwitch to each hose allowing you to connect up to four fuel cartridges. Four fuel cartridges will provide 124 kWh (M28) or 264 kWh (MT60) of energy autonomy.

Are EFOY fuel cartridges approved for transport?

Yes, all EFOY fuel cartridges were designed to meet the highest safety standards. All EFOY fuel cartridges carry a UN transport classification number and are certified for road, sea and air transport.

Is it possible to adjust the switch-on and switch-off voltage thresholds?

Yes, with all EFOY Pro fuel cells it is possible to adjust the switch on/off thresholds via the expert menu in the OP2 control panel. Check manufacturer’s battery data sheets before installation and commissioning for permissible values before they are changed. Further information can be found in the EFOY user manual.

What is anti-freeze protection mode and how much fuel does it consume?

Anti-freeze protection mode ensures that the internal temperature of an EFOY is always maintained at a suitable level, even if solar is able to keep the battery bank sufficiently charged during periods of extreme cold and the EFOY is not required to run. When the internal temperature drops to +3 °C, the EFOY will cycle itself internally for a short time to warm itself up before going back into standby mode. In case the EFOY Pro fuel cell is only operating in anti-freeze mode the average consumption is approx. 0.2 Liter per day.

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