Integrated SCADA systems
for seamless asset monitoring and control

Telemetry and SCADA systems allow users to monitor and control remote field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple reservoir level measurement to well pad optimisation, to water and wastewater treatment functions – these systems are constantly challenged by new regulations, budget constraints and rapid technology change.

SFC Energy Canada has a team of knowledgeable product specialists to help customers address these challenges and optimize remote operations and assets with best-in-class products and integrated, secure, cost-effective telemetry and SCADA solutions.

SFC Energy is proud to supply products from Schneider Electric and Xetawave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want staff to have to sort through reams of uncategorized data. Will the data I receive from the SCADA system about field operations be useful and informative?

Your data provides a wealth of information that’s crucial to operational efficiency. Our integrated remote SCADA solutions allow you to transform data into operational insight. And the easier it is to capture the data insight, the more likely your operations team will make use of it.

I have a lot of SCADAPack units in the field. What is the best way to manage these?

SFC Energy offers proprietary software to simplify SCADAPack operations. SCADASuite by Gen7 Systems lets users configure, deploy and manage Schneider Electric SCADAPack applications using a single Windows interface. There’s almost no need for ladder logic programming: SCADASuite applications are standardized and user-friendly. Best of all, the adaptive programming framework makes it easy to develop and enhance applications so SCADASuite evolves with user needs.

How can SFC Energy’s SCADA systems help our team to achieve regulatory compliance more effectively?

In many industries, documentation is critical for compliance. SFC Energy’s remote SCADA solutions provide extensive data logging features to satisfy these regulatory requirements. SCADAPack Smart RTUs offer periodic or sudden burst high-speed data logging, as well as onboard and external memory options. Some SCADAPack integrations also provide automatic data back-filling in case the communications network to the host is interrupted.

Why should I purchase SCADA and Telemetry products from SFC Energy?

The world of SCADA is always evolving. Integrating these products is complex. Without experience, it’s easy to misstep. SFC Energy’s product experts work with you to ensure you purchase the best products for your needs. Our team can provide architecture consultation services, design and complete in-house packaging, and post sales service and support.

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SCADA and Telemetry Products:
Schneider Electric and Xetawave

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series RTU and Flow Computer. The next generation of RTU. A durable and versatile Remote Terminal Unit and Flow Computer supporting up to 20 Flow Runs.


Schneider Electric SCADAPack SCADAPack 32, 350, 357 and 334 Series

Compact Smart RTUs with the power of Programmable Logic Controller


SFC Energy SCADAPanel

Standardized, customizable, fully-integrated and available for next day shipping


Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Geo SCADA Expert

Open, flexible and scalable software solution for remote, dispersed infrastructure management


Xetawave Data Radio

A programmable radio for wireless communication network management


Schneider Electric Trio Data Radios

Versatile and reliable licensed Ethernet and Serial Data Radios systems


Data Logger 4G LTE

Battery-powered with a cellular connection to the included Cloud storage and reporting solution.


Schneider Electric Realflo™ 7.11 Flow SCADAPack

Smart RTU-based flow measurement solution


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