Industry solutions for water and wastewater

Water and Wastewater

With massive water and wastewater networks to manage, staying ahead of critical issues and new regulatory requirements, as well as daily maintenance and management, is a serious challenge. SFC Energy Canada has products and solutions to help address those challenges.

Stay Ahead of Critical Management Issues with SFC Energy Products and Solutions

Drives and Motor Control

With pumps, motors and other equipment operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, water and wastewater facilities can be among the largest consumers of energy in a community. SFC Energy offers a variety of fully integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and motor control solutions to reduce energy consumption in water and wastewater facilities while mitigating equipment wear and tear.
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Process Automation

Minimize downtime caused by unplanned maintenance issues with process automation solutions from SFC Energy. An exciting product in our water and wastewater toolkit is Schneider Electric’s RealStream Lift Station. It’s an all-in-one configurable, control and monitoring solution with remote access, data logging and local display. RealStream can seamlessly integrate and rationalize data, enhancing operator response to changing conditions and improving lift station safety and uptime.
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Water and wastewater management is critical to the health of people in our communities. At SFC Energy, we know that downtime is simply not an option in the water and wastewater industry. That’s why our skilled service team is available 24/7 to get your operations up and running again.
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How to benefit from SFC Energy solutions for the water and wastewater industry

Learn how other water and wastewater industry professionals have benefited from SFC Energy products and solutions. Contact one of our water & wastewater product and solutions specialists today.

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