25 Apr 2023, Case Studies

Case study: Power supply for a climate-neutral business park

An open EFOY H2Cabinet used for secondary power supply

“Our system focuses on the possibility of saving and using solar energy 24 hours a day. The fully integrated energy concept with waste heat utilization and reverse power generation of the excess hydrogen will supply the entire SAN Group site in the future. The EFOY H₂Cabinet is the ideal secondary power supply for our fully autonomous energy concept and provides fully automatic access to our saved hydrogen in the event of a power outage.”

The Application

SAN Group is a global biotechnology company headquartered in Austria with a team spanning four continents. The newly constructed SAN Biotech Park in Herzogenburg, Austria, provides space for 200 employees. Sustainable building technology with a photovoltaic system, geothermal probes, collection of rainwater for the operation of sanitary facilities and a green roof are only parts of the resource-efficient building concept.

SAN Group has invested in a hydrogen system powered 100% by renewable energy. A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 1.5 MW is being installed on the roofs of the company’s industrial park to supply the electrolysis system. This capacity is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of around 200 households.

The Challenge

The fully integrated energy concept of the SAN Biotech Park uses surplus solar energy to produce hydrogen and guarantees the supply of parts of the site by reverse-generating hydrogen. The produced hydrogen that is not used directly is kept in separate high-pressure tanks. To continue to supply the site with energy in the event of a malfunction in the system or a lack of sunshine hours in winter, a backup power supply system is required, which runs on the separately saved hydrogen.

The Solution

Five EFOY H₂Cabinet N10.0 power solutions ensure a continuous power supply. In a power outage, they also serve as emergency generators. The EFOY H₂Cabinets are connected to separate high-pressure hydrogen tanks to generate uninterrupted electrical power.

The 50 kW fuel cell solution includes EFOY Hydrogen fuel cell modules, controllers, 450 bar hydrogen pressure reducers, batteries and UPS inverter systems. This solution is integrated into the command center to remotely monitor and maintain the EFOY fuel cell system.

The Result

The SAN Biotech Park facility’s EFOY Hydrogen fuel cell solution enables reliable, self-sufficient and emission-free operation. The redundancy of the solution with minimal downtime is also a key reason for the successful use of the EFOY H₂Cabinets.

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