25 Jan 2024, Press Releases

SFC Energy AG receives order for GeoSCADA software solution in Canada

Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, January 25, 2024 – SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading supplier of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions, has received a follow-up order for the supply of GeoSCADA software.

GeoSCADA is the software solution for the SCADA telemetry and communication system used to control and remotely monitor production processes and facilities. The order, worth CAD 375,000, was placed by a global energy company as part of its SCADA expansion. In addition to the software, SFC Energy will also be supplying technical support through a yearly support contract.

GeoSCADA is an open, flexible, scalable software solution that visualizes real-time SCADA information collected from industrial processes. For example, remote clients can be connected to production or transport systems in Alberta, Canada, which allows for remote monitoring of production facilities, production wells, or production optimization systems. The SCADA communication system transmits field data to a central IT center in Calgary by radio, satellite or the corporate network. The data is collected using a widely distributed infrastructure. Here, GeoSCADA collates and analyses the data and converts it into information for the user. For example, if an increase in emissions is detected during the production process, the user can regulate conveyor capacity and reduce emissions. In addition, GeoSCADA can be used as a record of compliance with strict operating and environmental requirements for sources.

"We are pleased that our customer continues to rely on our SCADA telemetry and communication solution and GeoSCADA software solution to remotely monitor their Alberta oil and gas production facilities. SFC’s automation solution is a field-proven technology that can cover instrumentation, control, data acquisition and wireless communication over long distances. In combination with the real-time visualization of GeoSCADA, our customer will be able to act and react quickly and thus improve his carbon footprint in an efficient way", says Hans Pol, COO of SFC Energy AG.

For more information on SFC Energy’s Clean Energy and Clean Power Management solutions, visit www.sfc-energy.ca/