04 Apr 2023, Case Studies

Case study: EFOY Hybrid Energy Solution

EFOY Hybrid methanol Energy Solutions

“EFOY solutions are gateway to a sustainable future providing cost savings and reduces emissions. Autonomy and maintenance play a vital role in our remote power applications.”

The Application

The client is a major Canadian oil and gas company with significant mineral acre holdings and a robust horizontal well inventory in the Montney Formation in northwest Alberta and northeast British Columbia. The region, estimated to be one of the largest gas resources in the world, is also known for its extreme cold climate.

The Challenge

The client was looking for an eco-friendly energy source for remote gas wells that would off er up to 12 months of back-up power. The wells had been operating with solar power, but the solar system was problematic during the winter months, when extreme cold and low light caused power shutdowns. Since a shutdown of just two wells for eight hours meant a loss of approximately $45,000, the need to address the issue was urgent.

The Solution

The client opted to deploy two EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells in a parallel configuration to provide 220 W continuously to supplement solar production at the wells. This hybrid energy solution meant the client could comply with government regulations for well site emissions and meet their own sustainability targets while benefiting from autonomous, dependable and cost-effective power for well operation.

*Now available as EFOY Pro 2800 Duo, offering more output power and a lighter unit.

The Benefits

The EFOY supplies ongoing power to critical, remote well assets providing 24/7 visibility and uptime.

  • Regulatory compliance and sustainability – EFOY fuel cells convert methanol into electricity through a single stage catalytic conversion process, making it one of the cleanest ways of producing electrical power.

  • Low maintenance and cost effective – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells off er reliable and minimal maintenance hybrid power generation for years at a time, significantly reducing annual operating costs.

  • Perfect complement to solar – When a solar array fails to deliver enough power to maintain batteries, the EFOY senses the voltage drop and automatically switches on to replace the solar shortfall.

  • 100% reliability in extreme weather – EFOY Pro Hybrid solutions are sized and designed for complete reliability. Automatic voltage sensing capabilities ensure that the battery bank voltage is maintained regardless of inclement weather.

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