Schneider Electric
SCADAPack x70 Series

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series

SCADAPack 470 | 474

Remote Programmable Smart RTUs

SCADAPack™ x70 is the latest generation of SCADAPack Smart RTUs. Optimized for remote operations, the SCADAPack 470 and 474 Smart RTUs are the newest models to be introduced in this new series.

Simple: SCADAPack RemoteConnect configuration software facilitates configuration, logic development, data logging, and diagnostics in a single application, helping to reduce costs and overhead associated with maintaining multiple software applications for managing a single device. The SCADAPack 47x has ready-to-use Realflo™ Oil and Gas Flow Computer and Realift™ artificial lift solutions.

Efficient: The SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor within RemoteConnect software is based on EcoStruxure™ Control Expert software components, allowing for code reuse and sharing between Schneider Electric Modicon™ PLCs and SCADAPack Smart RTUs.

Rugged: Designed with Cybersecurity and ruggedized communications in mind, SCADAPack 47x hardware features conformal-coated boards and wide operating temperatures of -40…70 °C (-40…158 °F). Class I, Div. 2 and Zone 2 hazardous area certifications are included.

Important — On June 30, 2023, the 300 Series SCADAPacks will reach their End of Commercialization (EoC) date. SFC Energy can help you with the transition.

Download Schneider Electric’s complete guide to the 300 series End of Commercialization

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Make it easy with


SFC Energy’s SCADAPanel is a plug and play SCADA solution that’s in-stock and ready to go with drawings, kits and components. Best of all, we can ship it to your address tomorrow.

SCADAPanel is available with a SCADAPack 470 or 474 RTU, which provides automatic supervision and autonomous control. It’s built on a base chassis that houses the SCADAPack, terminal block assemblies, radios and modem. Each SCADAPanel is designed with a comprehensive, drawing package.

Prior to shipment, SFC Energy can install a range of upgrades including:

  • I/O expansion
  • Communication devices with installation kits
  • Realflo API/D17 flow runs

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Power your SCADAPack x70 systems with

EFOY Pro Hybrid Solutions

EFOY Pro Hybrid Solutions are dependable, self-contained energy systems that delivers 100% reliable power for remote industrial applications.

The purpose-built EFOY ProCabinet integrates an EFOY Pro fuel cell in an insulated NEMA 3R -40 °C rated enclosure and comes equipped with fuel cartridges, battery bank, solar charge controller and power distribution.

The EFOY ProCabinet is designed with room for integrating customer equipment, making it ideal for SCADA/PLC, instrumentation, communication, surveillance and other industrial applications. EFOY ProCabinet hybrid systems are designed to meet the challenge of long term autonomous deployments, providing approximately 12 months of fuel autonomy.

Applications include:

  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Security & surveillance
  • Environmental technology
  • Wind & solar

Learn more about the EFOY ProCabinet

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SCADAPack x70 Smart RTUs enhance performance in
a range of industrial applications

SCADAPack x70 Smart RTUs are the foundation for a range of solutions offering specific software and configuration tools tailored for industries like oil/gas, water/wastewater, and wind/solar.

SFC Energy North America has the expertise to help optimize your production costs while increasing efficiency, safety and reliability in operations.

Oil & Gas:

  • Tank monitoring and automation
  • Well test automation
  • Well production and optimization
  • Measurement

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  • Leakage detection
  • Equipment monitoring & control
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Irrigation
  • DMAs (District Metering Areas), PMAs (Press. Monitoring Areas)
  • Monitoring flow / level / pressure and temperature, etc

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Wind & Solar:

  • Substation Control and Monitoring
  • Wind, Solar, Radiation, and Monitoring

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Integrated systems
for seamless asset monitoring and control

We take best-in-class automation, power, measurement and energy systems and we implement them with expertise and care — so what you get is a solution that puts productivity in your control.

Looking for options on what connected devices SFC Energy can bundle? Explore the products below or download Schneider Electric’s complete guide to Process Instrumentation.

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SCADA and Telemetry Products:
Schneider Electric and Xetawave

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series RTU and Flow Computer. The next generation of RTU. A durable and versatile Remote Terminal Unit and Flow Computer supporting up to 20 Flow Runs.


Schneider Electric SCADAPack SCADAPack 32, 350, 357 and 334 Series

Compact Smart RTUs with the power of Programmable Logic Controller


SFC Energy SCADAPanel

Standardized, customizable, fully-integrated and available for next day shipping


Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Geo SCADA Expert

Open, flexible and scalable software solution for remote, dispersed infrastructure management


Xetawave Data Radio

A programmable radio for wireless communication network management


Schneider Electric Trio Data Radios

Versatile and reliable licensed Ethernet and Serial Data Radios systems


Data Logger 4G LTE

Battery-powered with a cellular connection to the included Cloud storage and reporting solution.


Schneider Electric Realflo™ 7.11 Flow SCADAPack

Smart RTU-based flow measurement solution


Measurement & Instrumentation Products

SFC Energy distributes a number of our own tried and tested measurement products, as well as a complete line of quality Foxboro instrumentation products by Schneider Electric.

SFC Energy Turbine Meters

Durable, high quality turbine meters suited to a range of process applications


SFC Energy Turbine Flow Meter Rotor and Vane Kits

Quality parts and repair kits for SFC Energy liquid turbine meters


SFC Energy Totalizers

Explosion-proof totalizers with a variety of features


Foxboro Instrumentation Products

A complete line of process instruments for measurement and analysis of pressure, flow, level, and process analytical variables.


SFC Energy Accutech™ Process Measurement Products

Versatile selection of instruments and base radios to measure process variables in a range of applications.


Schneider Electric Instrument Area Network

IAN offers battery-powered, short-range wireless instruments


Automation Service – Controllers, Transmitters & Converters

Automation Service is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of remanufactured process instrumentation and control valves.


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