05 Nov 2020, Partner Profile

SFC Energy Partner Profile: SunWize Power & Battery

Sunwize power and batter featuring an EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell

As a distributor and integrator, we ship out great products and solutions to our client partners every day. It’s satisfying to know that our expertise and exceptional products are a solution to a challenge for hard working clients. What’s even more gratifying is seeing how our partners put those products to use in their service offering.

Take SunWize Power & Battery, for example. Headquartered in Oregon, SunWize designs and builds stand-alone industrial power solutions and electronic assemblies for integration into OEM products and field applications. These solar systems are employed by governments, small to medium sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of applications on every continent on the planet. And they’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.

Recently, SunWize demoed an EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell from SIMARK and SFC. They were seeking technology to create an integrated, hybrid solar offering to their clients. They wanted an inexpensive, reliable power source to back up their solar solutions and provide weather-independent operation and long battery autonomy. They found it in the EFOY Pro.

“We were looking for a value-added technology to pair with our standalone solar systems to provide a fail-safe for the occasions when conditions don’t allow for sufficient solar energy generation to run the application. We needed a solution that is cost effective, low maintenance, and reliable. We’re excited about the potential we see in integrating the EFOY fuel cells into our hybrid systems.”

About the product:

EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells DMFC (Direct-Methanol-Fuel-Cell) use a catalytic process to convert methanol into electricity using a direct and efficient process without intermediate steps.

As of 2020 more than 45,000 EFOY Pro solutions are deployed around the world to provide primary power to remote applications.

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