16 Sep 2020, Case Studies

Reference Case: Providing a redundant, reliable power supply with remote communication

EFOY Pro Hybrid Solution deployed for GlobalLogix in West Texas

“We chose the EFOY Pro Hybrid because it offered reliable remote power supply at a low cost. We’ve had a good experience with the EFOY Pro system — no problems so far. We appreciate the remote communication capability of the EFOY and the fact that it will automatically turn on to provide power when needed. I would recommend EFOY Pro, particularly for sites with high power intermittent loads.”

Shawn Lain – Field Operations Director, GlobaLogix, West Texas, USA

The Application

Providing power at a remote location in West Texas to power flow control valves, multi-variable transmitter, Coriolis meter, various sensors and PLC with HMI on a site with multiple wells and a test separator.

The Challenge

GlobaLogix needed to implement a redundant, reliable power supply with remote communication capability that could withstand harsh and ever-changing weather conditions in west Texas. There was no existing grid power, solar alone was costly because of battery requirements and the team wasn’t able to use diesel generators because of permitting restrictions.

The Solution

EFOY Pro Hybrid: Combine solar power with EFOY direct methanol fuel cell technology. Integrate it in an enclosure that includes multiple fans to keep internal equipment cool in hot temperatures while intake vents help to reduce sand build up. Use heat trace to stop water from freezing in the winter and the white enclosure and solar panels to provide shade.

The Benefits

  • Increased runtime and autonomy – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer fully autonomous and maintenance free hybrid power generation for years at a time significantly reducing yearly operating costs

  • 100% reliability in extreme weather conditions – Built in anti-freeze and heat protection with automatic voltage sensing capabilities ensure the battery bank remains charged and power is available at all times so long as the system has methanol available

  • Maintenance-free – No maintenance required throughout the lifespan of the Fuel Cell aside from re-fueling every year or two

  • Easy installation and handling – Drop deployable, prepackaged solutions for simple integration on site

  • Immediate payback – Smaller battery banks, solar array and less infrastructure mean an immediate cost savings and reliability when compared to stand alone solar installations


As of 2020 more than 45,000 EFOY Pro solutions are deployed around the world to provide primary or back-up power to critical remote applications.

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