09 Jan 2019, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Katlynn Kennedy

Katlynn Kennedy doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She’s a problem solver, expert communicator and a bit of a magician—making orders appear against seemingly impossible deadlines. As a Purchaser and Customer Service Representative at Simark, she juggles a little of everything with expertise and ease.

Katlynn’s a certified Parts Technician; she’s worked in industrial purchasing since 2013 and joined the Simark team in March of 2017. She’s become a chameleon, with her department taking on everything from social committee planning to logistics: “We do everything,” she says. “We do all of the purchasing, the inventory management, freight coordination, customs, expediting orders, dealing with customers…or any expediting needs outside of what sales handles.”

Katlynn transitions effortlessly between her many roles, crediting close to a decade of experience in the business, mixed with her natural instinct. “Somehow I remember every single purchase order and what’s going on with them,” she says. This skill comes in handy, especially during interactions with the sales team, customers and even customs agents.

Recently, Katlynn spent an entire day dealing with Customs and Border Services. Katlynn jokes that this isn’t uncommon, “Customs and transportation is probably my strongest point…because it all seems to wind up on my desk!” It’s not an easy area to specialize in, you need the right amount of composure and know-how to manage transportation roadblocks and ensure purchase order timelines aren’t completely derailed.

For Katlynn, keeping her cool while managing a stressful situation is second nature. “I have five kids at home, so this isn’t pressure. I’m pretty relaxed and laid back.” Katlynn’s real talent is being able to take her experiences, both personal and professional, and translate them into highly functional skills. Her expertise and calm demeanour are valued by customers and coworkers alike.

Katlynn’s skills and personality may make her a great fit for her role but, for her, working with her team makes her truly successful. “The best about my entire job is the people. I work with an amazing group…We’re a fairly new department…But we work very, very well together. It makes a world of difference,” she says.