10 Jan 2023, Blog, General, Press Releases

SFC Energy receives follow-up order from Canadian oil company worth more than CAD 5.3 million

A leading supplier of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions, secured another follow-up order from a Canadian oil producer for the supply of fully integrated frequency converters (VFDs).

The order amounts to more than CAD 5.3 million and will be fully recognized in sales and earnings in fiscal year 2023. Already in October 2022, the customer from the Canadian province of Alberta ordered VFDs from SFC Energy with a total value of more than CAD 10 million.

The VFD systems operate electric pumps (ESPs) for oil production. The unique integration capabilities and specific ESP VFD firmware significantly reduce installation and operating costs. The VFDs only deliver the amount of energy to the ESP drives that they need to operate. This noticeably improves efficiency, as the VFDs make the motors much more effective and energy efficient. This optimizes pump operation, extends motor life and ensures more efficient pump run times. In addition, the VFDs reduce the customer’s carbon footprint.

“From his practical experience, our customer knows about the advantages of the fully integrated frequency converters and the renewed order shows the high level of satisfaction with our efficient energy control systems. For the customer it pays off twice: On the one hand he improves his CO2 balance with the VFDs from SFC Energy, on the other hand he benefits economically to a high degree. We are pleased that with our almost 30 years of experience in VFDs we can provide our customer with an ideal power management solution for his applications,” says Hans Pol, CEO of SFC Energy AG.

For more information on SFC Energy’s Clean Energy and Clean Power Management solutions, www.sfc-energy.ca/