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Stages and Service

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Puchasing Phase

  • Provide support for overall automation architecture design or SCADA Master Plan developmentAssist with hardware and software specifications best suited to the application.
  • Provide field training, in-house training and Calgary-based training courses which range from introductory instruction to advanced user training.

Design Phase

  • Consultation with engineering firms, system integrators and end users to design overall SCADA architecture from field level equipment to enterprise software.
  • Provide custom drawing packages based on application and customer needs.

Packaging / Integration Phase

SFC Energy Ltd. has a full service, CSA and UL501 approved production facility where products are expertly integrated to meet application needs. Our project management and design/drafting team will provide approval drawings, equipment procurement, full functional testing and documentation services.

SFC Energy keeps in stock a SCADAPanel with a modular design concept for quick shipping and tight delivery schedules.

Commissioning / Set up Phase

Our service team can provide guidance for software execution and hardware implementation during the commissioning and set-up phase. This can also be covered in courses with SFC Energy Academy and field level training.

Maintenance Phase

  • 24/7 service line for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting questions.
  • On-site or in shop repairs

SCADA & Telemetry Solutions

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