14 Jan 2021, Blog

From tech start-up to global clean energy leader

The story of SFC Energy Ltd.

Early in 2000, just after the Y2K scare and before the release of the first iPod, Smart Fuel Cell GmbH, a technology start-up from Brunnthal, Germany, became a pioneer in the commercialization of direct methanol fuel cells.

In the more than 20 years since, that tech start-up has become an international company and a global leader providing off-grid, clean hybrid power solutions with hydrogen and methanol fuel cells.

Here are some of the high points along the way:

2000: Dr. Manfred Stefener forms the company Smart Fuel Cell GmbH
2005: SFC is ISO certified for development, production and sale of fuel cells
2006: SFC introduces the new fuel cell family: EFOY
2006: EFOY is the first fuel cell to receive TÜV Süd certification
2007: SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG goes public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
2008: SFC launches its EFOY Pro Series for industry applications
2009: SFC starts the commercial sale of the JENNY fuel cell for defense applications
2009: SFC goes global, sets up shop in Rockville, MD, USA
2010: SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG changes its company name to SFC Energy AG
2010: SFC launches the JENNY ND Terra for defense and security applications
2011: SFC Energy AG emphasizes strategic focus on system supply by acquiring PBF Group B.V.
2011: SFC introduces EFOY COMFORT fuel cell to the leisure market
2013: SFC launches second generation of EFOY Pro fuel cells for industrial applications
2013: SFC expands EFOY COMFORT distribution to Canada and the U.S.
2013: SFC presents new EMILY 3000 fuel cell generator for defense applications
2013: SFC acquires Simark Controls Ltd.
2015: SFC launches EFOY GO! Plug & Play Power with 240 Wf
2015: SFC introduces the first series-production of a 500-Watt fuel cell
2016: EFOY celebrates its 10th anniversary.
2019: Launch of the first SFC hydrogen fuel cell, EFOY JUPITER
2020: SFC celebrates its 20th anniversary
2021: Simark officially changes name to SFC Energy Canada

SFC Energy Ltd. by the numbers:

  • Since its inception, the company has sold more than 45,000 fuel cells worldwide
  • As of summer 2020, EFOY units had clocked more than 100 million operating hours
  • SFC fuel cells have produced more than 6.5 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of environmentally friendly energy
  • In doing so, they reduced CO2 consumption by more than 3,600 tonnes
  • The energy saved by SFC fuel cells equals roughly 3,600 flights from Munich to New York or more than 2,400 one-week trips on a cruise ship.
  • SFC’s new JUPITER hydrogen fuel cell operates at 46 dBA noise emissions, quieter than the chirping of birds!

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