10 Oct 2018, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Karly Cicchetti | Wired for service

“When the client gets their shipment, I want to make it clear and easy for them to figure out what they just received”

Karly Cicchetti is a project manager in Simark’s Process, Automation and Energy division. Her background as a journeyman electrician means she’s well grounded on the technical side of the operations. Her fine-tuned organizational skills mean multi-tasking comes naturally.

The production floor can be a busy place with multiple requests on the go at any one time. From the moment her customers place an order, she works to ensure the requisite materials are on site, assembled and carefully labelled before shipping. “When the client gets their shipment, I want to make it clear and easy for them to figure out what they just received,” says Karly. It’s all about providing exceptional customer service from the initial consult to delivery — and beyond.

Simark’s customers turn to the company’s EFOY fuel cell technology as a reliable, off-the-grid low-wattage power solution for any number of industrial applications. The green energy units are packaged in Calgary and shipped all over the world. Many end up in remote, inhospitable locations, like offshore drilling platforms and mountain top weather stations.

Karly’s customer-centric approach and genuine best efforts to anticipate their needs ensures her customers never feel left out in the cold. She’s found a way to be there for them even when she can’t actually be there. “I put together a data package for them with a copy of all the technical drawings, any spec sheets and product manuals on a USB stick,” says Karly. “If they’re in the field and they need to look something up, it’s all right there for them.”

It’s what she would want, if she were in their shoes. “I like to be super organized and have everything written down,” says Karly.

After 10 years of working as an electrician in the field, she’s happy to have found her niche on the project management end of things.

“I really like the job that I’m doing right now.” By all accounts, so do her customers.