10 Sep 2020, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Dustin Hullman

Dustin Hullman of Simark Controls standing in front of an EFOY Pro cabinet

Tiger Woods once said, “I smile at obstacles.” It’s easy to imagine that Dustin Hullman does that too.

Dustin doesn’t shy away from a challenge. That’s apparent in both his personal and professional life. When he’s not at SIMARK working on business development opportunities for SFC EFOY fuel cells in the United States market, you’ll most likely find him on a golf course. Fortunately, he’s been able to keep busy with both despite the COVID-19 pandemic — and he does it all with a smile.

Prior to COVID-19, Dustin’s role at SIMARK required a lot of travel to the United States. Fortunately, he made the most of those trips. “I set up some partnerships down there, which is really significant now, considering that we can’t go to the U.S.,” he says. “Having partners there who can have feet on the ground representing EFOY is extremely important and helpful.”

Most people would be put off by such an abrupt shift in how they’re able to execute business, but not Dustin. His helpful and friendly nature comes across just as strongly over the phone. The biggest challenge when you’re communicating from afar? Time zones. “It’s interesting having to manage time zones for the current projects that you’re working on. You definitely have to be aware so that you’re not calling someone at an hour they won’t appreciate,” Dustin says.

Another challenge Dustin meets with enthusiasm is adjusting to the range of applications for EFOY. From oil and gas to telecom, mining to security, EFOY powers it all. “Everybody has their own specific needs. You can’t be generic with anything. But that’s a good challenge, it keeps things interesting,” he says.

Currently, Dustin is working on an EFOY application in West Texas. Designing a system for the scorching Texas climate required a mind-shift for a Canadian accustomed to designing systems for extreme cold. “We had to work together to design a system that was white, used solar shades and cooling fans to keep the temperature down. Almost the complete opposite of what we do in Canada,” he says.

Challenges like adapting off grid power solutions to suit extreme climates are par for the course for Dustin. Pushing his limits — at work and on the golf course — is how he stays on top of his game. “Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers of our time and he’s still constantly working to be better,” says Dustin. “That’s what I like, it’s a lifelong challenge.”