19 Mar 2019, General, Off Grid Energy

SIMARK Team Profile: Chelsea O’Connor

SIMARK EFOY Hybrid Solutions

She sells fuel cells…

When Chelsea O’Connor completed her formal education in marketing, she knew that her happy place would be in front of her customers rather than in front of a computer all day. While corporate branding, graphic design and exercising that kind of creativity might be fun for her, solving real-world challenges in real time was truly rewarding.

“I just really enjoy working with people face-to-face and solving problems,” says Chelsea.

She has definitely found her vocation in sales. She’s been providing oil and gas customers with off-grid power solutions in various locations around the world for several years now.

When she joined the Simark Business Development – Energy team two years ago, Chelsea was excited to get up to speed on the company’s fuel cell technology and its various applications, and then to share that knowledge with her customers. She continues to learn and to share single every day. It’s another thing she enjoys about her job. Every day is different, as is every customer.

“You’ve got a learning curve with every client,” says Chelsea. “I have to understand my customer’s business as well as my own so I that can provide an EFOY solution that fits their specific application.”

Depending on how familiar they are with the technology, her job can involve providing a little bit of an education on features and functionality. “I help them understand how it works, what to expect in terms of capital investment, and the anticipated costs over the lifecycle of the product.”

Fuel cell technology is relatively new to the Canadian marketplace, where challenging weather conditions demand a robust off-the-grid energy solution. “The industry would perceive us as a new technology,” says Chelsea. From where she sits, that’s a good thing. The industry is changing and people are being forced to look at new technologies.

The green energy movement is making Simark’s EFOY technology an obvious choice for upstream oil and gas customers looking to achieve compliance with new emissions regulations.

“Companies are having to look at what they’re currently doing and how they can improve,” says Chelsea. “The specific fuel cell that we work with has no combustion or emissions so it really is an ideal green energy solution.” It all makes EFOY energy solutions a relatively easy sell for Chelsea — and a safe bet for the future.

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