21 Feb 2023, Blog, General, Team Profiles

SFC Energy Team Profile: Colin Hicks

There’s lots to be proud of as a Canadian. The breathtaking natural landscapes, culturally-rich cities and strong communities make the country a destination for millions from abroad every year. For Colin Hicks, Business Development Representative with SFC Energy, the pride he has in his home country also includes its global leadership in the effort toward clean resource development.

About Colin

Colin grew up in Brooks, a rural Alberta town of about 14,000. When it came time to leave the nest, he moved to Lethbridge to begin is education, later moving to Calgary to finish his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

During this time he began working in sales with a residential development company. Colin’s sales career continued to take shape over the next several years, with each step forward taking him to larger and larger Canadian centres. From Brooks to Lethbridge to Calgary to his current hometown of Vancouver, BC.

Taking pride in the work

As he experienced new Canadian settings and sectors, Colin formed a deep appreciation for Canada’s resource development industries. So two years ago when an opportunity became available to work with SFC Energy, a global clean energy leader, Colin threw his hat in the ring.

“I look at every career opportunity thinking, ‘Am I going to feel good about what I’m doing here?’ With SFC, it was a no-brainer.”

Today, Colin works with SFC’s Business Development team focusing on expanding the clean energy business unit. This includes both EFOY Fuel Cell technology and Schneider Electric’s world-class process automation line.

“I’ve really grown an appreciation for supporting Canadian industry. But anytime you can support that through a green lens is a big bonus… We’re a global leader… It’s something I take a lot of pride in.”

Business Development with SFC Energy

Colin enjoys the dynamic nature of his role working with SFC’s clients from a variety of industries.

“Every day is unique. One morning I can be working on a government-owned project and then in the afternoon be chatting with a start-up, then switching gears later and be talking to an industry leader in the mining space. You’re constantly learning and solving new problems which keeps things interesting and fun.”

Looking to the future, Colin is excited about new clean technologies SFC Energy is at the forefront of. He’s especially looking forward to introducing the upcoming EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell products to the Canadian market — another piece of the clean energy puzzle to take pride in.