08 Jun 2022, Q&A's, SFC Academy

SFC Energy Academy Q&A with Tim Pearson of Schneider Electric

Tim Pearson Schneider Electric Q&A w. SFC Energy about Measurement and instrumentation

Tim Pearson is Schneider Electric’s resident expert on analytical process chemistry. With over 20 years of experience, he knows the industry inside and out — including how to use process analyzers to save both time and money.

Tim’s wealth of knowledge is something he’s eager to share. In fact, he’ll be bringing his experts insights to an SFC Energy Academy webinar tomorrow!

Before taking a deeper dive into process analyzers, we caught up with Tim to ask him a bit about his background, his current role and what he finds most interesting about his field of work.

How long have you been with Schneider Electric, and what do you enjoy most about your role?

Counting my time with Applied Instrument Technology (AIT), which was purchased by Schneider Electric in 2017, I’ve been with the company for seven years. My favourite thing about the role is visiting customers and seeing how they can use a process analyzer to improve their processes.

How did you get into process analyzers and what interests you about this technology?

I’ve been working in the process analyzer field since I graduated from Miami University with a Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry in 1998. I really enjoy the challenge of getting the chemical measurements as close as possible to the customer’s requirements.

Can you tell us about some of the benefits of process analyzers or an interesting application you’ve seen in the field

Process analyzers provide rapid chemical information, and when this data is up to date, you can easily optimize and control applications. Personally, I find the gas measurements of aerobic fermentation very fascinating. I’m amazed that we can observe the health of the microbes in the bio-reactor with just gas readings.

What are the top reasons people should register for your upcoming SFC Energy Academy webinar around process analyzers?

To learn about the wide range of Schneider Electric Process Analyzers, of course! Schneider Electric is the only major company with such a wide selection, including Gas Chromatograph, Mass Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, FT-NIR Spectrometer and HF-Alky Analyzer.

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