29 Aug 2022, Q&A's, SFC Academy

SFC Energy Academy Q&A with Quinton Williams of Schneider Electric

SFC Energy Academy Q&A with Quinton Williams of Schneider Electric

"Being an expert in process automation with Schneider Electric for over two decades means you know your stuff. Quinton Williams’ experience with Foxboro / Schneider Electric has transcended multiple roles from Director of North American Sales to Global Manager of Strategic Business Development."

Now, he’s bringing his expertise to SFC Energy Academy. The only thing greater than Quinton’s knowledge of wireless solutions is his passion for sharing that knowledge with others. That’s how we knew he’d be the right speaker to give us the rundown on Schneider’s IAN wireless offering.

Before the upcoming IAN Wireless webinar, we caught up with Quinton to ask him a bit about his background, his current role and what it is about wireless that makes these solutions so compelling.

How long have you been with Schneider Electric and what’s your favourite part about your role?

I’ve been with Schneider Electric for 23 years. I enjoy helping customers move toward digitalization.

Can you tell us a major benefit of IAN wireless solutions?

IAN wireless technology not only reduces the installation cost, but also maximizes battery life and optimizes wireless mesh network data flow.

Personally, what interests you about this product offering and its technology?

I’d have to say the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to enable wireless process instrumentation. BLE provides increased reach into challenging areas reducing power requirements, extending battery life and reliability.

Are there any interesting or surprising applications you can tell us about?

You might be surprised to learn that an IAN wireless network can be used in almost any application!

Why should people register for your upcoming SFC Energy Academy webinar on IAN wireless solutions?

To see the next generation of wireless networks today! We’ll also open the floor to questions, so it’s a great opportunity for those looking to learn more about IAN wireless solutions, benefits and field applications.

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