02 May 2022, Q&A's, SFC Academy

SFC Energy Academy Q&A with Javier Lopera of Schneider Electric

"Our next SFC Energy Academy webinar is all about meters. Who better to hear from in advance of the webinar than the expert and presenter himself, Javier Lopera!"

A global leader in meter development and Offer Manager for Flow at Schneider Electric, Javier talks about his career, what he likes most about his work and the main reasons you should register for the upcoming webinar on Coriolis meters.

How long have you been with Schneider Electric (SE) and what’s your favourite part about your role?

I’ve been with SE for 13 years, so I was part of the Invensys acquisition. What I enjoy most is engaging with people — customers, partners, and multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams all over the world.

How did you get into flow meters and what interests you about this product?

I have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and have worked on both external aerodynamics and active flow control wind tunnel testing.

On my first job, I worked with vortex meters for low-air speed applications and fell in love with it. I saw the company had a job opening for a flow engineer, so I applied and got it!

The flow physics behind the development of each technology and then connecting it to real life applications really interests me. It’s also very important that I produce a product that will make our customer’s job easier. That’s the ultimate goal.

Can you tell us about an interesting or beneficial application for the Coriolis Meter you’ve seen in the field?

We recently developed a carbon capture application. Using a Coriolis high-pressure meter (Hastelloy), we were able to measure the CO2 coming from an ethanol production plant, which was then being injected into a well. It was pretty cool!

What are the top reasons people should register for your upcoming SFC Energy Academy webinar around Coriolis Meters?

We have an exciting suite of Coriolis flowmeters. With both straight and bent tube design, these meters can be used for virtually any application — including extreme conditions.

These new meters, along with the digital smart transmitter provided, simplifies installation and commissioning, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

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