13 May 2022, Q&A's, SFC Academy

SFC Energy Academy Q&A with Curtis Terletski of Schneider Electric

QA with Curtis Terletski

"Having over two decades of experience with a company says a lot. For Schneider Electric’s Curtis Terletski, it means that he’s able to bring his instrumentation expertise and passion to work — every single day."

Since joining Schneider Electric in 1998, Curtis has held various technical support and sales roles over the years. Now, as Pressure Offer Manager, Curtis is able to put a strong focus on pressure measurement and share his deep knowledge with others.

In advance of the upcoming SFC Energy Academy webinar exploring the future of pressure measurement, we caught up with the presenter himself. Here’s what Curtis had to say about his background, his current role with Schneider Electric and what’s most exciting to him about pressure measurement technology.

How long have you been with Schneider Electric and what’s your favourite part about your role?

I’ve been with Schneider Electric for 24 years. My favourite thing about the role is being able to work with so many different industry sectors around the world.

What interests you about this product offering and its technology?

This particular offering is interesting because our technology is very well-respected in the instrumentation community. I’m looking forward to using it to help solve our customers’ problems in unique ways.

Can you tell us about the benefits of pressure measurement?

Pressure measurement is required in almost every process requiring control. But one of the benefits to this technology is that it can be applied to level and flow measurement applications in addition to pressure.

Why should people register for your upcoming SFC Energy Academy webinar around pressure measurement?

Attendees will get the first look at our new Three Tier Pressure offering, which allows customers to choose the level of performance needed for their applications. They’ll learn more about the patented FoxCal technology and how this unique feature can help save money on both maintenance and inventory costs.

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