Accutech™ offers a versatile selection of instruments and base radios to measure process variables in a range of applications.

Accutech™ SCADA Telemetry Products

Effective network connectivity
and long-term service

Reliable, self-powered Accutech™ Division/Zone 1 and 2 radios (900MHZ and 2.4GHz) provide effective network connectivity and long-term service. These frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radios provide superior ranges with standard and extended-reach antennas. Each base radio can support 100 field instruments. Up to 256 base radios can coexist. Deploy entire networks in just hours with Accutech’s™ push button configuration and simple link test features.

Accutech™ Field Units are specified for a range of levels, inputs/outputs, pressures, temperatures and flow rates. Get up to ten years of service from Accutech’s D Cell Lithium Thionyl battery. Each unit features industry-standard Modbus protocol, making it compatible with a range of industrial equipment and host systems. Accutech’s™ user-friendly management software provides remote configuration and firmware upgrades, enhanced diagnostics, field unit authentication to base radio, and data collection.

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SCADA and Telemetry Products:
Schneider Electric and Xetawave

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series

Schneider Electric SCADAPack x70 Series RTU and Flow Computer. The next generation of RTU. A durable and versatile Remote Terminal Unit and Flow Computer supporting up to 20 Flow Runs.


SFC Energy SCADAPanel

Standardized, customizable, fully-integrated and available for next day shipping


Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Geo SCADA Expert

Open, flexible and scalable software solution for remote, dispersed infrastructure management


Xetawave Data Radio

A programmable radio for wireless communication network management


Schneider Electric Trio Data Radios

Versatile and reliable licensed Ethernet and Serial Data Radios systems


Data Logger 4G LTE

Battery-powered with a cellular connection to the included Cloud storage and reporting solution.


Schneider Electric Realflo™ 7.11 Flow SCADAPack

Smart RTU-based flow measurement solution


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