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Harmonics can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment, interference in communication equipment, and false readings on measurement devices. Harmonics can trip circuit breakers, blow fuses and cause capacitor failures. The effects also include overheating of transformers, cables, motors, generators and capacitors. Equipment must be designed to tolerate harmonics in the network and oversizing leads to higher investment costs and underutilized capacity.
Our Harmonic Mitigation Solutions improve the delivery of quality electrical supply to sensitive electronic equipment, thus reducing the risk or power disturbances, extending equipment life and ensuring fewer shut-down due to equipment overheating.

SFC Energy’s product experts know Harmonic solutions. Reach out to one of our Drive and Motor Control product experts to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your products.

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Drives & Motor Controls Products

ABB Low Voltage VFDs

Extend motor life and save energy with low voltage AC drives from 0.18 – 5600 kW, 208 through 690VAC


ABB Medium Voltage VFDs

Optimize motor performance with medium voltage applications from 250 kW to over 100 MW, 2.3 – 13.8kV AC


ABB Soft Starters

Protect motor applications of 3 A – 2160 A, 208 through 690VAC from electrical and mechanical stresses


ABB DC Drives

Programmable DC drives for any industrial application, from 9 kW (12 hp) up to 18 MW (24,000 hp)


ABB Drive Connectivity

Drive connectivity products from fieldbus adapters to safety functions modules, human-machine interfaces and peripheral options


Harmonic Solutions

Manage tough power quality problems caused by harmonics, load imbalance and reactive power demand


Motor Protection

Maximize motor life by providing protection from heat, reflected wave and common mode currents.


Drives and Motor Control
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