14 Mar 2019, Press Releases

Press Release | SFC Energy signs sales cooperation agreement for EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions with Vector for South Western U.S.

SIMARK, a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has signed an agreement with Vector Controls and Automation Group, LaPorte, TX (Houston, TX area) USA. In the framework of the cooperation, Vector will market SFC`s EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions to customers in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, USA. The cooperation expands SFC’s territorial range from Canada further into the South of the United States. Effective February 2019, Vector has started to market SFC’s EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions to their customers in the water, waste water, and oil & gas industries.

SFC’s EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions are turnkey off-grid power solutions customized to power industrial applications away from the grid, reliably and autonomously, over long periods of time and even in severe weather conditions. The EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solution combines SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells, solar modules, batteries, power management, fuel cartridges and – if required – customer equipment in weatherproof cabinets, boxes or on trailers. Power and performance can be flexibly adapted to meet the application’s specific off-grid requirements.

Hybrid EFOY Pro fuel cell / solar module configurations are becoming even more popular in industrial off-grid scenarios: In good weather the solar module will power the application. In bad weather or scenarios where Solar is not reliable, the fuel cell will automatically start operation and bridge the power gap to ensure uninterrupted systemoperation. The system is fully redundant: Even if solar is damaged or stolen, the fuel cell is sized to provide full power to the load.

“We are excited to include SFC’s EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions into our portfolio of instrumentation and automation solutions for the water, waste water, and oil & gas industries”, says Larry Sims, VP of Sales of Vector Controls and Automation Group. “More and more devices must operate reliably away from the grid, 24/7. Bringing reliable off-grid power and power redundancy to these systems used to be a major challenge for our customers. Now, with SFC’s EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions, customers can be sure that their devices will operate in any situation, they save logistics effort and costly trips to the sites for battery exchanges or maintenance. We see a great potential for SFC’s solutions in our markets.”

“We are very happy that Vector, a well-established supplier of advanced instrumentation and automation solutions, is bringing the EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions to their customers in the South of the U.S.”, says Martin Curtis, Managing Director of Simark Controls and President Oil & Gas of SFC Energy. “This partnership further expands the market coverage of the successful EFOY Pro fuel cells in the U.S. Because of the many advantages they bring to off-grid applications, our EFOY Pro Hybrid Fuel Cell Solutions are replacing more and more battery, TEG or solar stand alone power systems in Canada and the U.S.”

Power generation in the EFOY Pro fuel cell is environmentally friendly, the fuel comes in convenient EFOY fuel cartridges and features a very high energy density, enabling extremely long system autonomy. EFOY Pro fuel cells can be remote controlled and are fully maintenance free.

Additional information on the SFC Energy’s off grid power portfolio for oil & gas, clean energy & mobility, industry and security & safety at www.sfc.com. Additional information on Simark at www.simark.com. Additional information on Vector Controls and Automation Group at www.vectorcag.com.


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