04 Jul 2018, Press Releases

Press Release | SFC Energy: International defense organization equips vehicle fleet with SFC Power Manager

SFC Energy AG (F3C:DE, ISIN: DE0007568578), a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets, has received an order from a leading international defense organization. The defense organization has ordered the SFC Power Manager as equipment for one of their vehicle fleets.

On board of the vehicles, the SFC Power Manager distributes power from the on-board battery to various different voltage devices. Thanks to intelligent cable coding, the system automatically detects all connected devices and adjusts the output voltage correspondingly. Benefits are a highly efficient power distribution with almost zero power loss, intelligent battery charging, as well as major weight and space savings over vehicle power supplies and on-board battery chargers.

The international defense organization is already using defense products by SFC Energy: The on-board batteries in the vehicles are charged by SFC Energy’s EMILY fuel cell as soon as the main engine is turned off. The defense organization selected the fuel cell for its performance, reliability, tactical benefits and environmental friendliness. The fuel cell delivers reliable, easy to use, autonomous power, anytime anywhere and maintenance-free, with minimal noise and heat signature and almost zero emissions.

“We developed the SFC Power Manager, so soldiers in the field and on board of vehicles can use any available power source, charge a variety of battery types, and operate different voltage devices – all simultaneously,“ says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “In combination with our portable JENNY or our vehicle-based EMILY fuel cells, the intelligent SFC Power Manager ensures optimum power availability and mission flexibility. We experience a growing demand for our tactical energy networks in portable, stationary and vehicle-based defense applications all over the world.”

Numerous international NATO and PfP defense organizations use SFC Energy fuel cell products. SFC fuel cell and accessory products carry a NATO stock number and are approved for air transport according to UN3473.

Additional information on the SFC Energy’s off grid power portfolio for defense, security & safety, oil & gas, wind, traffic management, environmental and telecommunications applications at www.sfc-defense.com, www.efoy-pro.com and at www.sfc.com.


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