11 Mar 2021, Case Studies

Case study: Powering essential telecommunications for an autonomous mining operation

Gaétan Lavallière (P.Geo. Ph.D) Vice-Président, Cartier Resources Inc.

“We can finally stop worrying about our generator’s excessive wear, constant maintenance requirement, significant fuel consumption and the risk that it could break down at any moment. We can now refocus our energy on our drilling operations. It was also a relief to the ears of everyone working nearby when we finally shutdown the generator.”

The Application

Cartier Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration company with mining sites in the Abitibi gold belt in Quebec. At one site, the company utilizes an Orizon Mobile telecommunications trailer powered by a gas genset generator. This essential telecommunication link combines point-to-point micro-wave and satellite communication technologies to operate autonomous drilling equipment and provide vital voice and communication.

The Challenge

The generator that powered the telecommunication equipment was doing the job, but it was noisy, and required weekly maintenance and a lot of fuel to operate. Staff lost track of the number of times they had to refill the 250-gallon tank and felt concerned about the likelihood of a generator breakdown, which would result in the loss of critical telecommunication infrastructure.

The Solution

Decommission the existing generator and replace with a fully integrated EFOY Pro hybrid power solution from SFC Energy (EFOY ProCabinet 4120SX system and eight 410W solar panels).

This fully autonomous, off-grid power solution converts methanol into electricity through a single stage catalytic conversion process and works in conjunction with solar to keep fuel consumption low. The two 28-liter methanol cartridges contained in the EFOY Pro Cabinet unit can provide a full year of maintenance-free power between refueling for the telecommunications trailer, which has an annual estimated methanol consumption of 47 liters.

The Benefits

  • Increased runtime and fuel efficiency – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells consume 1 – 2% of the volume of fuel vs fuel gas genset technology. The Cartier telecommunications trailer requires just two 28-liter methanol cartridges a year.
  • Low maintenance – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer reliable and minimal maintenance hybrid power generation for years at a time, significantly reducing annual operating costs. For Cartier, this meant going from weekly planned maintenance on the generator to a maintenance-free EFOY power solution.
  • Fast ROI – Thanks to the EFOY Pro hybrid power system, Cartier Resources reduced site maintenance by 51 visits a year – a significant cost savings. Minimal maintenance and fuel consumption means the EFOY Pro hybrid system delivers a quick return on investment.


As of 2020 more than 49,000 EFOY Pro solutions are deployed around the world to provide primary or back-up power to different applications.

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