11 Mar 2021, Case Studies

Case Study: Off-Grid SCADA Solution

Rob Dykman, General Manager – Coast Mountain Wireless, BC, Canada

“Communications can be quite a challenge on British Columbia‘s North Coast. In this mountainous region, the elements can take their toll on communications systems. With decades of service in this region, we‘re familiar with these unique challenges and using EFOY Pro Fuel Cells in a hybrid combination with solar, was the best eco-friendly solution to ensure year round up-time. We chose the solution because of its ability to work autonomously and reliably year round in harsh winter conditions with minimal refueling requirements.”

The Application

As a communications company, we provide essential communications in remote locations and ensure they operate at peak efficiency regardless of the weather conditions. We install and maintain mountaintop trunking towers throughout Northwest British Columbia and provide our customers with satellite internet technology.

The Challenge

Our mountaintop communication sites require a substantial amount of power and need to be active 24/7. In the winter months there is a significant drop-off in the solar availability and solar alone is not able to meet the power demands and keep our equipment operational.

The Solution

Install a 500W EFOY Pro 12000 Duo Fuel Cell inside the communication building to hybridize the solar power solution ensuring that prime power is always available to the equipment even in the heart of winter when the solar input is drastically decreased.

The Benefits

  • Increased runtime & autonomy – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells offer fully autonomous and maintenance free hybrid power generation for years at a time significantly reducing yearly operating costs

  • More efficient & eco-friendly power generation – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells produce power without any harmful emissions, are more efficient and consume significantly less fuel per year than various fuel gas (diesel, natural gas, propane)genset solutions

  • 100% reliability in extreme weather conditions – Built in anti-freeze protection and automatic voltage sensing capabilities ensure the battery bank remains charged and power is available at all times so long as the system has methanol available

  • Maintenance-free – No maintenance required throughout the lifespan of the Fuel Cell aside from refueling every year or two

  • Easy Installation & Handling – Drop deployable -40°C rated Nema 3R pre-packaged solutions or simple integration onto standard 19” rack units inside existing equipment shelter. 60L and 28L Fuel Cartridges are light, spill proof, rated for air transport and are easy to transport to even the most remote site!


As of 2016 more than 36,000 EFOY Pro solutions are deployed around the world to provide primary or back-up power to critical remote applications.

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