30 Jun 2022, Case Studies

Case study: EFOY Energy Solution

EFOY Energy Solution

Lisia Neyers, Program Manager & David Newman, Vice President Technology

Lumin8 Technologies Services Branch

“During winter months, we used to have to make site trips approximately every month to strictly change out batteries. Each of these trips would take 1 to 2 hours on-site depending on weather conditions, plus travel time. The sites using EFOY fuel cells only require a single trip every two months for fuel cartridge replacements, and each trip takes 30 minutes or less on-site. The EFOY not only reduces our trips out to the site but also reduces the on-site time."

The Application

Back-up energy source needed at weather radar stations across Idaho. The radar stations primarily used solar power, but required a supplementary power source.

The Challenge

Previous units would often freeze when temperatures dropped below zero. Some sites are also located in areas where solar can easily cover the load in the summer, but has trouble keeping up in the winter time. These challenges would often result in downtime, battery replacement costs and site-visit costs.

The Solution

Add EFOY fuel cells to back-up solar power in the low-light and cold of winter.

The Benefits

  • 100% reliable in all weather conditions – Built in anti-freeze protection and automatic voltage sensing ensures the battery bank remains charged and power is available at all times. As long as the system has methanol available, EFOY fuel cells provide power that is not dependent on sunlight or wind.

  • Remote connection capabilities – The EFOY fuel cells can connect to communications devices at each site, enabling cost-saving remote monitoring.

  • Increased efficiency – Using EFOY fuel cells reduces the number of deep discharge cycles which improves the lifespan of other equipment. Additionally, the methanol cells are more energy-efficient than the propane tanks many of the sites previously used.

  • Easy installation & handling – The size and weight of the fuel cells makes replacement easy and quick.

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Learn more at efoy-pro.com and sfc-energy.ca